Calvin W. Stephens IV

I started making art and doing creative projects at a very young age. Art was the first thing I think I did on my own without someone telling me to do it or having to guide me through it. I have very fond memories of just sitting on the floor or at the desk in my room and drawing while listening to music. Making art is a very important part of my life that helps me thrive.

I initially studied Industrial Design at California College of the Arts. I eventually found that instead of wearing many creative hats that I preferred to simply draw and paint and became an Illustration major. I graduated in 2007 with a BFA in Illustration.

After graduation I was still very hungry for more arts information so I interned at Berkeley Fine Art in Berkeley CA. It was there that I was introduced to some very substantial arts instruction and Alla Prima oil painting. I eventually decided to make Art digitally and move on from traditional mediums.



Digital Artist located in South San Francisco, CA. 

BFA Illustration 2007 from California College of the Arts.


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